Our active shooter seminars will teach you what to do before help arrives if an active shooter threatens your building. The seminars are taught by a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and a physician certified in tactical medicine.

Lt. Chip Holland

Lieutenant Donald  “Chip” Holland, who has been in law enforcement since 1989, has taught active shooter courses at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy.

He has been Operational Commander of a Tactical Unit for 20 years and has led multiple tactical operations, executed search warrants, and served high-risk arrest warrants. In addition, he has directed a law enforcement Firearms Training Unit.

Lieutenant Holland was a member of the Narcotics Unit for six years and its operation supervisor for three. He has also been active in the local Criminal Investigation Unit. Lieutenant Holland continues to hone his skills through regular training conducted by the FBI, Secret Service, Department of Defense and Department of Justice, as well as various state, local and private training organizations. These have included advanced instruction in firearms, tactical operations, active shooter training, counter terrorism, personal defense, school violence, explosive devices and dignitary protection.

Dr. Melanie Hoppers

Dr. Melanie Hoppers is a practicing physician, board certified by both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Hoppers has over 150 hours of tactical medicine training and is certified by the International School of Tactical Medicine, whose clients include the FBI, DEA, ATF and many others. She is qualified to enter a dangerous situation along with a law enforcement tactical team and render emergency aid.

Her practice has included primary care, urgent care, emergency medicine and occupational medicine. Dr. Hoppers is currently involved in multiple research trials to investigate the efficacy of new drugs before they go to market.

Dr. Hoppers is co-owner of Physicians Quality Care and understands the necessity of providing a safe and secure work environment.