Would you know what to do?

Active Shooter Training
At Your Facility

Our Active Shooter seminars train people in what to do in those critical minutes after someone with a gun enters a building and before law enforcement and medical help arrive. Our goal is to help organizations respond appropriately if violence strikes.

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The Seminar

The seminar, taught by experienced law enforcement personnel and a certified tactical physician, provides practical classroom instruction on what to do in the event of an active shooter, both to protect oneself and know how best to keep from interfering with law enforcement in a critical situation. It includes a facility walk-through and written action plan. The final portion of the seminar, taught by our tactical physician, gives attendees hands-on experience in controlling life-threatening bleeding, correct tourniquet use, wound packing, and safe lift and carry techniques.

Who Benefits

Any organization where people gather. We provide training for businesses of all sizes and an array of other organizations, such as churches and community groups. The valuable lessons of our program are applicable anywhere an active shooter event could occur, whether it’s at work, on vacation, during a Sunday gathering, or a routine trip to a grocery store or shopping mall, etc. ...

The Purpose


To help organizations create a prevention and response plan if someone with a gun enters a workplace or any building where people are gathered.


To teach people how to control life-threatening bleeding to save the life of a victim who has a gunshot wound until he or she receives medical care.

The Active Shooter Seminar presented by Dr. Hoppers and Lt. Holland was very well received and attended by our in-house employees. Their expertise and knowledge was evident, and both did a very thorough job in their presentations.

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